Microbiological Aspects Of Fresh Fruits Proccessed By Ionized Air


D. S. Stepanenko, N. V. Tarusova, P. V. Gogunskaia

Influence of ionized air on microbiological indices of fresh cherry fruits was studied. The cherry fruits were processed by ionized corona discharge flow. The number of epiphytic microbial flora on fresh cherry fruits’ cover depends upon voltage of ionized flow, process exposure, and storage duration. The processing of ionized air of any concentration decreases the number of microbial flora on its cover. The cherry fruits stored with ionized air application resist to disease excitants much more longer in comparison of unprocessed fruits. Herein the experimental fruits processed by ionized air keep market condition, taste, flavor, and tough consistency. Fresh cherry fruits stored with ionized air application are completely safe for human health according to microbiological indices.


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