Milestones Of Development Of Genus Potamogeton L. (potamogetonaceae) In The Flora Of The Western Siberia Reservoirs In The Caenozoic – Review Of Paleocarpology And Palinology Data


D. A. Durnikin, A. V. Matsyura, K. Jankowski English

Palaeobotanical, geomorphological, and paleogeographical data on flora of reservoirs are presented. The structured materials on geomorphology and paleogeography from Paleogene, Neogene and Quaternary deposits of Western Siberia are reported. The stratigraphic complexes linked to tectonic zoning Kulunda and southern Baraba Lowlands are analyzed. The data on the structure-formational zones, distinguished by time of inception, the composition and thickness of the sediments, and nature of the neotectonics are presented. The analysis of paleocarpology and palynology data from the Potamogeton genus as the largest among the aquatic plants of Western Siberia is done. The composition and structure of this genus as an integral part of Tertiary and Quaternary flora of studied reservoirs are characterized, the current composition of this genus is presented. It is proved that the most ancient complexes of the West Siberian Tertiary belong to the upper Eocene, whereas the early Siberian Paleogene is still unknown.


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