Modern State And Optimization Of The Wood-shrab Flora In Melitopol


J. V. Bredihina

For the first time the systematic analysis of the dendroflora of Melitopol was performed. The dendroflora of Melitopol consists of 106 tree species, bushes and lianas, which presented by 42 families, 4 classes and 2 compartments. The compartment Pinophyta presented by 5 families (Ginkgoaceae, Taxaceae, Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Ephedraceae), 10 genera (Ginkgo, Picea, Taxus, Pinus, Thuja, Chamaecyparis, Pseudotsuga, Platycladus, Juniperus, Ephedra), and 14 species. The compartment Magnoliophyta presented by 37 families, 68 genera, and 92 species.


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