Morpho-biological traits of sexed and non-sexed sperm of Holstein bulls


I. Goncharenko, A. Getya, N. Svyrydenko, Y. Pelich

Presented results of the comparative analysis of non-sexed and sexed sperm of the same Holstein bulls after defrosting considering: the concentration of spermatozoa in 1 ml, their motility, survival, the dynamic characteristics of the movement, the acrosome integrity (intactness), the level of microbial contamination. It has been established that the motility and survival of sexed sperm were lower by 15–20% compared with similar traits of non-sexed sperm. The sperm of the bull Vioris Sleeman HOCANM7817774 had the highest activity rate in non-sexed and sexed forms. This demonstrates the possibility of breeding bulls based on this quality trait. The experimental results indicate the necessity to improve the technology of freezing and thawing sexed bull sperm and the relevance of training specialists of breeding centers and farms in Ukraine.

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