Mycorrhiza As A Biotic Factor, Influencing The Ecosystem Stability


I. I. Yasnolob, T. Chayka, V. Aranchiy, O. Gorb, T. Dugar

The essence of mycorrhiza as an example of partnership between fungus and plant was considered in the article. The main characteristics of mycorrhiza from the viewpoint of fungus and plant were investigated, which demonstrate mutual benefits for all the participants. The characteristics of mycorrhizal associations through the classification of their types were given. The peculiarities of the associations were determined. The results of field survey as to the location of mycorrhizal associations in natural ecosystems were analyzed. The results confirm the important role of mycorrhizal associations. Modern directions of using mycorrhiza in the economic activities were presented. The advantages of mycorrhiza for plants and fungi were defined and worked out in detail, which enabled to formulate the results of using mycorrhiza in the ecological, social, and economic space.

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