Natural Detoxicants In Pig Rations And Their Impact On Productivity And Quality Of Slaughter Products


L.S. Dyachenko, T.L. Syvyc, O.M. Tytariova, O.A. Kuzmenko, V.V. Bilkevich

Among the pollutants one of the main factor is heavy metals. Cadmium, a typical representative of this group has a very toxic effect on both the animal and the human. It is not involved in the vital processes of living organisms. Instead, exceeding the maximum permissible levels of cadmium has negative affects on animal, and accumulation in the tissues, is a threat to human life - the consumer of animal products. The results of research show efficiency of dry apple pulp and dry beet pulp as natural detoxicant of heavy metals, including cadmium, in the body of young pigs. Experimentally proved that the cadmium content in complete feed with the maximum permissible level (1 mg/kg) predetermined decrease of average daily gain of pigs experimental group, compared with the control, by 10.8% and increase of feed conversion by 9.8%. The introduction to the mixed fodder of dry apple pulp (45 g/kg) or dry beet pulp (45 g/kg) with of the same cadmium content contributed that the productivity of animals, the cost of feed for 1 kg of growth, slaughter weight, carcass yield, weight mascara and economic efficiency of fattening young pigs approaching to the level of control. In addition, the use of dry apple pulp and dry beet pulp as natural forage detoxicant in diets of young pigs helps significantly (P <0.05-0.001), reduction of heavy metals, including cadmium in products of slaughter (meat, bacon, liver, kidney, heart), which increases their purity, environmental safety and competitiveness


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