New Data On Some Of The Recently Described Lithosiini Species (lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae)


Anton V. Volynkin, Vladimir V. Dubatolov, Karol Bucsek

The paper contains new data on some of the recently described Lithosiini species from Indochina: male vesici of Lyclene kontumica Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2013, Lyclene kepica Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2013, Adites thanhi Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2016, Aemene monastyrskyi Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2013, Aemene annamica Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2016, and female genitalia of Lyclene kontumica, Lyclene kosterini Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2013 and Lyclene zinchenkoi Dubatolov & Bucsek, 2013 are described and illustrated for the first time; updated diagnoses for Lyclene kosterini and Lyclene kepica are given; Adites thanhi is reported for Thailand for the first time. In addition, Asura punctata Rothschild, 1913 is transferred to the genus Lyclene: Lyclene punctata (Rothschild, 1913), comb. nov., its male genitalia are described and illustrated for the first time. Adults of all species mentioned are illustrated. <

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