New Records Of Lycaenidae And Nymphalidae (lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) From Altai Mountains


R. V. Yakovlev, P. Huemer, B. Wiesmair, S. Yu. Sinev, Ch. Wieser, A. V. Kulak, A. G. Inozemzev, V. V. Dorozhkin, A. E. Naydenov

For the first time Agriades glandon (de Prunner, 1798) and Issoria eugenia (Eversmann, 1847) are reported from Altai region (Altai Krai, Russian Federation). We also specify the distribution of Lycaena violacea (Staudinger, 1892), Boloria aquilonaris roddi Kosterin, 2000 and Clossiana angarensis (Erschoff, 1870) in the Altai Republic (Russian Federation), Glaucopsyche argali (Elwes, 1899) and Palaeophylotes svetlana (Yakovlev, 2003) on the Mongolian Altai territory (Mongolia, Khovd aimak, Dzun-Dzhargalant-Khairkhan and Bajtag-Bogd-Uul Mountains Ranges).


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