Notes On The Molecular Taxonomy Of The Proclossiana Eunomia Complex (lepidoptera, Nymphalidae: Argynnini): Analysis Of Dna Barcodes


R.V. Yakovlev, N.A. Shapoval, G.N. Kuftina, A.V. Kulak, S.V. Kovalev

The Proclossiana eunomia (Esper, 1799) complex is currently composed of the several subspecies distributed throughout Palaearсtic region and North America. Despite the fact that some of the taxa have differences in wing pattern and body size, previous assumptions on taxonomy not supported by molecular data. Therefore, the identity of certain populations of this complex has remained unclear and the taxonomic status of several recently described taxa is debated. Here, we provide insights into systematics of some Palaearctic members of this group using molecular approach, based on the analysis of the barcoding fragment of the COI gene taking into account known morphological differences.


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