Ontogenetic structure and assessment of the state of coenopopulations of Lagochilus acutilobus (Ledeb.) Fisch. and C.A. Mey in Ustyurt (Uzbekistan)


S.U. Saribaeva*, H.F. Shomurodov, A.A. Akhmedov and O.S. Abduraimov

Lagochilus acutilobus is one of the rare plants in the Karakalpak Ustyurt. The article is devoted to the assessment of the current state of this species. The study showed that in the ecological-cenotic conditions of Ustyurt, the studied cenopopulations are normal, incomplete. Ontogenetic spectra of specific cenopopulations are left-sided and centered, which is associated with the ecological conditions of habitation and fluctuations in weather conditions. Based on the analysis of demographic and population characteristics, the state of coenotic populations of the species was assessed. It was revealed that the curly-bayalysh-wormwood communities (Artemisia terrae-albae, Salsola arbusculiformis and Atraphaxis spinosa) are the ecological optimum for Lagochilus acutilobus.

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