Organic Production On Fallow Lands And Import Substitution


O. Yu. Voronkova, G. Ya. Baryshnikov, O. N. Baryshnikova, O. N. Sokolova

The topical issues of formation and development of agriculture, based on the production of organic products were considered in the article. The article presents the concept of "organic agriculture", "agriculture, focused on the production of organic products", and explains the author's understanding of their content. Specific background of involvement in agricultural production turnover of fallow and unused land for the purpose of organic agriculture was justified and grounded. It is important to note that the special importance of the problem of fallow and abandoned land noted the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the annual message of the President to the Federal Assembly in 2016. The article substantiates the main directions of formation and implementation of the concept-oriented agriculture to organic production, the level of subjects of the Russian Federation in the framework of the strategy of food import substitution. The authors proposed the methodology of formation and realization of regional targeted programs of agricultural development, on its basis was developed a project of the regional target program "Involvement in agricultural production is not used for the intended purpose of arable and fallow agricultural lands of the Altai Krai for the production of organic products for 2017–2022". The prognosis of production of agricultural products of the Altai territory, the allocation of shares of organic agricultural products and performance assessment was calculated from the strategic plans of development of the organic sector of agriculture of the Altai territory and the project of the regional target program already developed by the authors.

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