L.O. Boginska, A.V. Tolbatov, O.B. Viunenko, S.V. Tolbatov, V.A. Tolbatov, A.O. Butenko*, G.A. Davydenko and L.V. Kriuchko

The paper has discovered the factors affecting the innovative development of the agro-industry. It has also investigated the demand for new agro-industrial facilities with introduction of advanced technologies. The successful organization of the production process requires enough resources, which means that enterprise resource potential must respond to the needs of innovative production. The production results directly depend on the advanced production facilities (real estate items of the agro-industy), the technical and organizational characteristics of the manufacturing process and workflow, and industrial management. It has been also established that a prerequisite for economic success of enterprises is the development of innovation strategy, based on product innovative nature, more efficient production process, achievement of economic benefit and social results.
Hence, it should be noted that soil fertility of the agricultural land is an important object of state protection. The biggest natural wealth of Ukraine is black soil (chernozemic soil). It occupies almost 50% of the world's black soil reserves. Plowed land in Ukraine makes up about 85% of the area of steppes (campo ucn.) and forest-steppes. The cultivated area occupies 33.5 million ha. 60% of black soil has already been damaged, 100 thousand hectares of fertile soils are lost every year. There fore, preserving our national wealth - land resources, is possible only through introducing  organic farming and rational land use, taking into account its capabilities.
In the conditions of the agricultural company CJSC "Nadiya" of Lebedinsky district of the Sumy region, the proposed investment project aimed at conducting measures to improve soil fertility and the introduction of organic farming is implemented.
The end result is an ideal model of the production process focused on achieving the main goal of the enterprise. In terms of the enterprise innovation activity, the strategy and aspects for its development are determined, considering changing market conditions, the ways of investing are justified that reduces business risks of production.

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