Pathologic changes in pig organs, infected with the Aujeszkys disease


V.V. Ukhovskyi, O.M. Romanov, B.V Borisevich, O.A. Tarasov, T.M. Ukhovska, A.V. Pyskun, V.V. Solomon, O.Y. Ayshpur

The data on histological studies of organs of suckling piglets that died from Aujeszky's disease presented in the article. To study of the microscopic changes, organ and tissue samples were taken from 5 suckling pigs (aged 4 to 6 days old). In all piglets, the diagnosis was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction. For histological studies, tissue samples were taken from the following organs: lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, brain and spinal cord. The studies established that as a result of the Aujeszky’s disease virus impact on various organs and tissues, in dead pigs, significant pathomorphological changes are observed in most parenchymal organs. As a result of the histological studies of the internal organs of the pigs, died due to Aujeszky's disease the presence of significant microscopic changes in all morphological formations of these organs were found. It was described a number of micromorphological signs of piglets pathological changes and a set of criteria that can be used to substantiate a postmortem diagnosis of this disease was identified.

Keywords: Aujeszky’s disease; Suis Herpes Virus 1; Piglets; Diagnostics; Polymerase chain reaction; Microscopic changes

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