Permeability Of Soils In Artificially Created Models With Different Stratigraphy


K. P. Maslikova, I. V. Ladska, O. V. Zhukov

The set of performance speed permeability experimental versions mounds of tehnozems designed to search for the best technological solutions for reclamation of disturbed mountain design land within the Nikopol manganese ore Basin have been discussed in the present article such as pedozems (tehnozems formed using bulk humus soil), litozems (formed only rocks without humus bulk soil): sod-litogenic soils to gray-green clay, the reddish-brown clays and loams on loess-like clays. The speed of tehnozems water permeability has been explored by the conventional method. Research conducted on test plots of land reclamation Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University. Research facilities have been 57 models with various options mound tehnozems ground. Based on research built graphics dynamics permeability. The data indicate that the models studied mound soil infiltration process of transition to a filtration significantly prolonged the time. Even in a stable phase permeability for tehnozems observable characteristic combination of filtration and infiltration processes. It is shown that the design soil-like body in the zero-point of its existence, the dynamics and trajectory of soil formation. The study of the dynamics of tidying up water from the soil surface is highly informative tool for evaluating the properties of the soil body without violations. The resulting dynamic curves along with high resolution differential is environmentally relevant, that reflect the properties of the soil as the habitat of living organisms. Differential capacity curves tidying water appears that there are significant differences between the movement of moisture in soil in the studied sites, depending on their structure. For ordinary chernozems permeability characteristic features of the process is monotonic dynamic speed limit tidying water and that clearly differs between phase infiltration and filtration. Switch phase filtration is the first experiment. For the studied models tehnozems the speed permeability characterized by a significant variation with relatively monotonous trend, which is the reduced rate of tidying water and eventually reach a certain steady state. Such deviations from the general trend manifest itself in the form of high speed flash permeability observed at regular intervals. These intervals are specific to each type of construction tehnozems.


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