Phytocenotical Regulation Of The Natural Recreational Capacity In Health Resort "kuyalnik" (north-western Black Sea Area)


А. А. Ennan, G. N. Shykhalyeyeva, V. V. Petrushenko, I. I. Shykhalyeyev, А. N. Kiryushkina

We performed the recreational load calculations ??????according to the standard procedure, in addition to the attendance of tourists we also take into account the development of environmental infrastructure and the level of development of recreational area, determined by adjusting the correction coefficients. According to the conducted calculations of recreational pressure and volume of the health resort situated of the territory Odessa-Peresyp in the coastal zone estuary Kuyalnik turned out that the recreational system load greatly exceeds the natural capacity of recreation. To improve the quality parameters of the process of recreation is recommended to change the structure of plant communities of the park.

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