Phytosanitary Monitoring Of Callistephus Chinensis L. Nees In The Agrobiocenosis Of Ukrainian Forest Steppes


A.B. Marchenko

Phytopathological monitoring of C. chinensis (L.) Nees in the agrobiocenosis with various anthropogenic impact during 2008-2015 in the Forest Steppes of Ukraine revealed that pathogenic species of mycological origin caused the pathological changes in plants, i.e. root rot, wilting, and various blotches. The annual average rates of their spread and development are: wilting - 39.75 % (lim 7.5-75%) and 26.8% (lim 1,5-25,1%); root rot - 30.7% (lim 2.7-72.7%) and 13.5% (lim 1.6-29.2%); blotch - 7.7% (lim 0-24.5%) and 1.2% (lim 0-5.8%) correspondingly. The whole set of pathogenic mycoflora was presented with 24 pathogenic species in herbs, earth balls, and seeds.

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