Politzariella Fontainei – New Cossidae (lepidoptera) Species From Congo


R. V. Yakovlev, T. J. Witt

We give the first description of the species Politzariella fontainei Yakovlev & Witt, sp. nov. (Lepidoptera, Cossidae) from Congo, which is new for the science. The holotype habitus and male genital structure is illustrated; a detailed diagnosis is provided. The distribution area of the genus Politzariella Yakovlev, 2011 is mapped. The discovery of the new species Politzariella fontainei Yakovlev et Witt, sp. nov. has significantly enlarged our understanding of the distribution of this genus, which was previously considered an endemic of western Africa. Thus, the subfamily Politzariellinae Yakovlev, 2011 now includes four species of three genera, inhabiting the equatorial belt of Africa. We should also note that the distribution of Cossidae on the territory of Africa is still studied rather superficially, which is caused by a lack or absence of material from several countries.


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