Population Management And Carrying Capacity


A. P. Korzh, I. A. Akimov, T. V. Zahovalko

We study the possibility of using the carrying capacity for the state control of species populations important for human. The populations can have multiple states of equilibrium caused by the cumulative effects of the factors. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate adequately the possible equilibrium states and the reasons for the transition between them. Management arrangements should be divided into two groups: «rise» (improvement of population status) and «decline» (its deterioration). Both groups effects on the organism at the same time. In the course of cognitive modeling it was revealed the existence of the natural restrictions of increasing of the Ring-necked pheasant population in the grounds: neither the hunting ban, nor conducted biotechnical measures do not allow to achieve the increasing of number. Ix the case of cessation of annual releases of this kind in the land, its number will come down to a minimum, and in some areas it will completely disappear. In the bounds of the biotic community of each ecosystem a certain additive summation of carrying capacities of environment of certain types takes place – an integrated capacity is formed. The attempts to increase the carrying capacity of the medium to separate the desired types to integrated capacity may promote degradation of all biological systems.


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