Post-harvest siderates impact on the weed littering of Maize


O.Yu. Karpenko, V.M. Rozhko, A.O. Butenko, I.M. Masyk, L.V. Malynka, I.M. Didur, I.V. Vereshchahin, A.S. Chyrva, S.I. Berdin

The problem of post-harvest winter rapeseed crops usage influencing siderate and green fodder, oil radish impacting siderate and forage, root and post-harvest remains of winter wheat, and also cattle manure (40 t/ha) influencing the weed littering of maize and grain under conditions of grain-cultivated crop rotation has been revealed by PS of NUBiP of Ukraine - Agronomic research station. It has been proved that the cleanest crops of maize on the typical low-humus and light-loamy black soils remained in the variants where its predecessors were oil radish and winter rape on green fertilizer. Compared to control (root and post-harvest remains of winter wheat), weed amount decreased by 54 and 37% accordingly. Oil radish had a sufficient toxic effect on weeds as it was evidenced by their weight which in this variant decreased under shelf cultivation by 72% and under chisel cultivation - by 61%. Higher yield of maize for both chisel and shelf cultivation was forming in variants with oil radish for siderate and green fodder. The yield increase was 0.3-1.0 under shelf cultivation and 0.7-1.2 t/ha under chisel cultivation.
Key words: Maize for grain; Siderate; Oil radish; Winter rapeseed; Shelf cultivation; Chisel cultivation; Weed littering
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