Preclinical Searches Of The Preparation Thireomagnile


B. Gutyj, Y. Grymak, V. Hunchak, A. Mysak, N. Nazaruk, O. Brezvyn, I. Hariv, A. Shcherbatyy, B. Semeniv, I. Bushueva, V. Parchenko, A. Kaplaushenko

The article deals with the results of acute and chronic toxicity of the new iodine-lipid preparation Thireomagnile, which contains iodine and magnesium in its composition. This drug is used by cows in recent months of pregnancy to prevent the development of endogenous intoxication.It was found that the preparation Thireomagnile under conditions of intra gastric injection to white mice and rats in different doses did not cause their death. Only a short-term inhibition of white mice and rats due to the injection of the maximum test dose of 5000 mg/kg of body weight was established.During the period of search to determine the chronic toxicity of the drug Thireomagnile, there were no abnormalities in the behavior of the experimental animals. In doses of 1/50 DL50 and 1/100 DL50, the With the injection of Thyreomagnet at a dose of 1/20 DL50 on the thirty-first day of the experiment, did not affect the results of functional tests, which is associated with the normal functioning of the hepatic tissue and the absence of a negative effect on the animals body.With the injection of Thireomagnile, at a dose of 1/20 DL50 on the thirty-first day of the experiment, it was established that against the background of a slight decrease in the body weight of white rats, the weight of the liver was significantly increased by 24.6% in relation to the animals of the control group. In the search of blood hematologic parameters of rats after the intrinsic muscular injection of Thireomagnile at a dose of 1/20 DL50, a tendency was established to decrease the level of hemoglobin, hematocrit, the number of leukocytes, and an increase in the number of erythrocytes. After prolonged injection of the preparation Thireomagnile to the experimental animals, no significant deviations were observed in the evaluation of hemopoiesis and the functional state of the liver in animals. Thireomagnile in doses of 1/50 and 1/100 DL50 in serum reduced the level of ALT, in comparison with the rats of the control group. With the injection of Thireomagnile at a dose of 1/100 DL50, the number of leukocytes was significantly increased.By a one-time application on the skin of rabbits, Thireomagnile does not cause damage to the skin in the form of erythema or its edema. On a visual assessment of the conjunctiva, cornea and eyelid eyes of rabbits, it is established that the Thireomagnile preparation causes a slight irritation of the conjunctiva 30 minutes after instillation.Thus, when used externally, Thiromagnet preparation does not have irritating properties. As a result of the conducted searches, the allergenic properties of the Thireomagnile preparation were not revealed.In determining the acute and chronic toxicity of the preparation Thireomagnile, it is established that it belongs to the 4th toxicity class – low-toxic substances, and its DL50 for intra gastric injection of laboratory animals (white mice and rats) exceeds 5000 mg/kg of body weight.The received results of researches specify that the preparation Thireomagnile is safe at application for preventive maintenance and treatment of animals at development of an endogenic intoxication.


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