Preliminary Results Of Radar Observation Of Nocturnal Bird Migration In Israel


Ð?. V. Matsyura

The results of radar-tracking supervisions over the night migration in Israel are submitted. The determination of flight altitudes, flight speeds, heights of maximum birds’ concentration, and migratory directions was performed. The average flight altitudes of night migration were 985 m in autumn and 1465 m in spring of 1998-2000, maximum flight altitudes were 2068 m and 2655 m correspondingly. The mean track direction of the night bird migration is 183° in spring and 6° in autumn. The migration of waterfowl over the Mediterranean Sea in the low altitude band was registered. Their average headings differ from the general migratory path, averaging 135° in autumn and 315° in spring. The average birds’ groundspeed was 14 m/s (50 km/h) in spring and 13 m/s (47 km/h) in autumn.


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