Preliminary Survey Of The Ground-dwelling Arthropods Of The Flood-plain Meadows In The Southeast Of Poltava Region (ukraine)


N. Zhuravel, N. Polchaninova, I. Lezhenina, O. Drovgalenko, A. Putchkov

A total number of 35 spider species and more than 170 insect species from five orders were recorded from the southeast of Poltava Region through the pitfall-trapping in the floodplain meadows. Six spider species, eight true bug species, and five beetle species are new for Poltava Region; one spider species (Pardosa maisa) and one fly species (Aphanotrigonum brachypterum) are new for Ukraine. For A. brachypterum, it is the first record from the East European Plain. Spider assemblages were the most abundant in the terms of species and individuals in a saline meadow while the beetles preferred mesic non-saline meadows. A checklist of collected species is given, and the geographic distribution of the rare species is discussed.


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