Preservation of acid Haplic Luvisols fertility and agrocenosis productivity increase under organic farming conditions


V. Kaminskyi, M. Tkachenko, I. Malynovska, I. Kondratiuk, V. Pyndus, N. Asanishvili, A. Tkachenko

The article presents the research results of the green manure and crop by-products effect on the fertility parameters in Haplic Luvisols of the northern part of the Right Bank Forest-Steppe and crop productivity for the 14th year aftereffects of re-liming. Liming of gray forest soil contributes to the preservation, and, in combination with organic fertilizers, to the reproduction of humus reserves, improving other indicators of physicochemical properties of soil fertility. Usage of by-products (5 t/ha), sideration (4.4-5.0 t/ha) as an organic fertilizer on the background of the aftereffect of repeated liming with a full dose of hydrolytic acidity in Haplic Luvisols allowed to obtain from 15% to 30% increase in yield, even without the application of additional nitrogen fertilizers.

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