Principal component analysis of technosols ecological properties


K.P. Maslikova

The article shows the agreed dynamic variation of physical properties and phytoindication assessments of the ecological regimes of the Nikopol manganese ore basin technosols by means of principal components analysis. The study was conducted at Dnipro State Agricultural University Research Center in city Pokrov during 2012-2014. Data on the aggregate structure was processed by composite analysis. The application of the log transformation of aggregate soil particle distribution data allowed to obtain new non-correlated variables that are able to reproduce the matrix of distances between sampling points that are most correlated with other environmental properties of technosols. Results of principal components analysis allowed to reproduce initial variables by seven principal component with eigenvalues dominated one. These components describe 72.4% variation feature space. The principal components are the integral variables that are sensitive to the dynamics of agreed environmental properties of technosols and have a differential ability. Each of the principal component indicates features of technosols types or a particular group. By their nature, certain selected features directly characterize the soil in the context of its importance as a habitat of living organisms. Also important group of signs are phytoindication assessment of the ecological regimes. Variation of edaphic characteristics as well as environmental assessments are based on the properties of vegetation, synchronized with each other. Such synchronization enables a more profound interpretation of environmental indicators that have independent significance.


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