Producing Of Enzyme Preparation And Analysis Of Enzyme Preparation Of Peroxidase And Catalase Of Some Species Of Basidiomycetes


O. V. Fedotov, T. E. Voloshko

A method for obtaining of enzyme preparations of enzyme preparations (EP) of peroxidases and catalases fungal extracellular and inracellular origin from cultures of Basidiomycetes was developed. The strains Flammulina velutipes F-vv, Agrocybe cylindracea 167; Fistulina hepatica Fh-08 and Pleurotus ostreatus P-208 and P-01 were used as producers of oxidoreductases. Strains were grown on modified glucose-peptone media. Fractionation was carried out by salting out the enzymes with ammonium sulfate at 40-70% saturation of peroxidases and 80% of saturation - for catalase. These solutions protein fractions was further purified by dialysis and gel filtration on Molselekt granules G-50 and G-75. The enzyme solution was subjected to freeze-drying. The individual characteristics of the enzyme preparations were found. The individual characteristics of the enzyme preparations are the activity of enzymes, the protein content and amino-acid composition of enzyme preparations. It was established that strain F. velutipes F-vv was an active producer of intracellular and strain of A. cylindracea 167 was an active producer of extracellular peroxidase. The strains of P. ostreatus P-01 and P-208 were the active producers of extracellular catalase, and the strains of F. hepatica Fh-08 were active producers of intracellular catalase. The developed methods for producing of enzymes catalase and peroxidase preparations of extra-and intracellular origin provided new antioxidant enzymes, which have their own properties and application prospects in various sectors of industry and science research.

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