N.A. Zakharchuk, M.M. Dolya, V.M. Polozhenets, I.A. Zhuravska, N.V. Tsuman, S.V. Stankevych*, L.V. Nemerytska, T.O. Rozhkova, O.V. Chayka and L.V. Popova

The experiment has determined the characteristic features of callusogenesis, regeneration as well as of receiving resistant to fusariosis of potatoes cell lines in simulated conditions of biotic stress. The technologic elements of potato cell selection towards its resistance to Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium sabucinum were presented. We succeeded in separating the lines which during a 3-year period of research were characterised by a higher resistance point as compared to the original varieties Gurman and Tyras. The plants-regenerants received on the selective medium were characterised by higher resistance (by 10–35%) to the pathogens action as compared to the regenerants of a control variant. The received lines were estimated on their yield capacity and starch content. The lines deviations on economically valuable indices either increased or decreased as to characteristic value. Herewith, the deviation upward is 25–75% depending on characteristics. The combination of maximal characteristic values was found in lines 12 and 28 of Gurman variety. The received lines were given to the selection-breeding plot for further testing.

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