Productivity Of Winter Wheat After Winter Rape Regards Sowing Time And Seeding Rate In Ukrainian Step Conditions


A. D. Gyrka, O. O. Pedash, I. O. Kulyk, O. O. Viniukov, V. A. Ischenko

The effect of sowing time and seeding rate on productivity of winter wheat after unusual predecessor – winter rape was investigated. Results of studies indicates, that number of plants per unit area, their productive tillering, grain weight per spike, number of grains per spike had higher values at the optimum sowing time, which in our experiments was on September, 20. Delay in planting until September, 30, and even more, till October, 10 negatively impacted primarily the stand density of plants, their productive tillering, grain content per spike, grain weight per spike and 1000 grain weight. During the research, the highest yield of winter wheat (5.23 t/ha) was obtained in plots where sowing was carried out on September, 20 with seeding rate at 5 and 6 million/ha. The sowing in earlier (September, 10) and later (September, 30) period led to decrease of crop yields at 0.41 and 0.49 t/ha respectively

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