Project-oriented Financing And Climate Change Mitigation Planning In Developing Countries


E. Ghaffarian, A. Ghaffarian, M. Hasheminasab

We considered the environment as a natural source and initial and basic foundation of investment for modern societies and developed countries from economic, political and social concern. In all countries, the quality of environment is of great importance and subject of management activity. We suggested that developed countries for the reason of dynamic economy and having economic actors by friendly improvement on substructures of environment overcomes to decrease of unnatural process in climate change is a problem and mental disturbance of all counties, so cooperation on political, legal and economical aspect with developing countries is considered one of the obligations of today world. Numerous international contracts and conventions are of great importance in terms of the cooperation between the states for the recognition and decrease of climate change, but it is not enough. We supposed the modern disasters caused by climate change should be essential need to change of substructures in societies, whereas the developing countries are rather unable to invest in this field and meet these challenges. We came to conclusion that developed countries as the investors need frequently use the project-oriented financial security for providing the management plans to decrease climate change.

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