O. O. Akhmedova, O. V. Borysova, O. V. Ulyanchenko, S. I. Sysoieva, R. M. Sheludko, S. V. Stankevych*, T. V. Kovalova, B. D. Khalmuradov and Yu. Ye. Kharlamova

The international experience of the rural green (ecological) tourism objects development has been analysed in the article; the distinctive features and types of rural tourism have been outlined; both the peculiarities of definitions of this type of tourism in different countries of the world and the features of its organization have been studied; the real examples of ecological (rural green) tourism development in different countries and features of its organization have been presented. It has been demonstrated that in some countries more active forms of green (rural green) tourism are developing, in particular, cycling, horseback riding in scenic rural areas, fishing, etc.; in others, this type of tourism is primarily a family holiday in the countryside, an opportunity to get acquainted with national cuisine, winemaking, etc., to get to know national culture and customs, to visit interesting natural and cultural monuments. It has been also noted that international experience of the ecological tourism (rural green tourism) organization includes various forms and methods, demonstrates its growing popularity among holidaymakers, significant potential in the development of rural regions of the country, constantly increasing profitability. The ways of international experience usage of the ecological tourism (rural green tourism) organization in Ukraine nowadays has been also indicated in the article; it has been stated that the type of tourism researched in the article is a mature, dynamically developing tourism direction, and accordingly, it has already accumulated valuable experience necessary for the development of this type of tourism in Ukraine, which has huge potential for the development of its own ecological (rural green) tourism.

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