Provision of an integrated analysis model by combining AHP decision-making technique and GIS for identification and management of land use changes


S. Ejtemaei* and H. Sima

The urban land use is one of the basic concepts of urban planning knowledge and, in fact, the foundation for its formation, and it is so important that some urban planners in advanced countries regard it as urban planning. In recent decades, rapid changes in land use in the suburbs of major cities of Iran, especially in Tehran as the capital, have been accompanied by significant consequences such as environmental pollution and poor urban growth. Unfortunately, an important part of these changes was non-normative and unscheduled. The study aimed to provide an integrated analysis model by combining the AHP decision-making technique and GIS to identify and manage land use changes. In this study, the required model indicators including population, employment, land prices and use were obtained and its raw data were extracted. Using the selected model, we analyzed the data and finally we obtained a map and a table to show the intensity of the changes in the study area. The results can help predict land use changes in future research.

Keywords: Integrated analysis; AHP decision technique; GIS; use change management

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