Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of Incarvillea emodi (Royle ex Lindl.) Chatterjee and Malva neglecta (Wallr.)


M. Huzafa*, Z. Jamal and A. Ahmed

The present study was carried out to investigate the phytochemical profile of Incarvillea emodi and Malva neglecta. The two plants were screened for the presence of nine different classes of bioactive compounds. The qualitative tests were performed on the aerial and underground parts of the selected plants to relate the presence of phytochemicals with bioactivities of the plants. The selected plant material was extracted with three different solvents. These extracts were then subjected to phytochemical screening and the presence of various phytochemicals was confirmed by different standard confirmatory tests. Most of the phytochemicals were found to be present. Results showed that the underground parts of Incarvillea emodi contain comparatively greater number of phytochemicals than the aerial parts. Whereas, in case of Malva neglecta the aerial parts showed more positive results than the underground parts. The current study offers proof for the presence of important bioactive compounds in the studied plants and recommends isolation and characterization of these compounds in the future.

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