Questions of efficiency of the state policy in the ecological sphere


K. Katerynchuk, S. Kyrenko, L. Neskorodzhena, V. Pasko and S. Stankevych*

The article has studied problematic issues of terminology that is widely used in national legislation–“rubbish”, “waste”, “disposal”. It is emphasized that at present, attempts are being made in the state to introduce a reasonable waste management policy at the legislative level. This is proved by a number of legislative initiatives in the sphere of ecology. Public attention is focused on the state policy of medical waste management, especially for hazardous waste, which includes medical equipment and materials that were used in the treatment of patients with coronavirus disease COVID-19. It should be noted that the increase in hazardous medical waste, according to statistics, is actively increasing. The article has analyzed the national legislation in the sphere of waste management and it was suggested a systematic approach to the introduction of effective measures to solve the problems of effective waste management.

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