Radon exposure and lung cancer: analysis of risk for residents of Rivne City (Ukraine)


O. O. Lebed, O. S. Voloshkina, V. O. Myslinchuk, V. O. Shchuryk, A. V. Lysytsya

The comparison of complex epidemiological (cohort, case-control and ecological) studies of Radon influence on incidence of lung cancer among mining populations of world mines and residents of the city of Rivne was conducted. The calculation of additional relative risk for the residents of the city of Rivne by the method of epidemiological ecological studies performed on radiometric equipment AlfaRad+and calculated according to the BEIR VI risk model in two variants: exposure-age-duration (EAD) and exposure -age-concentration (EAC) was conducted. The values of the risk coefficients of the dependencies of the relative risk on Radon exposure we obtained for residents of Rivne are lower than the ones obtained for miners (according to literature) –0.31 (EAD) and 0.49 (EAC) per 100 WLM for volumetric activity (VA) of Radon in housing 200 Bq/m3 and 1420 Bq/m3. The thesis about the impossibility of automatically applying the obtained dependencies of additional relative risk of lung cancer on exposure to Radon for miners to the general population according to the variants of risk models proposed in BEIR VI was verified.
Key words: Radon; Cohort studies; Additional relative risk; Exposure; Lung cancer
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