Radon induced lung cancer in residents of Rivne (Ukraine) calculated by various risk models


O.O. Lebed, A.V. Lysytsya, V.O. Myslinchuk, L.V. Hladun, A.V. Rybalko

The study estimates the risks of morbidity and mortality from lung cancer associated with residential Radon-222 exposure in Rivne (Ukraine). We used the Joint European miner cohort model, Joint European miner nested case-control model, and Joint European residential Radon model with some modifications, applied to the inhabitants of the urbanized territories of Europe. The estimated number of deaths in Rivne ranged from 6 to 39 males from 159 lung cancer deaths in 2014 and from 1 to 9 females out of 36 lung cancer deaths; this range was caused by Radon exposure in the city premises and uncertainty in the dose-effect dependence of these models. Our research should be extended to the other regions of Ukraine as the Radon problem is acute for the country and this is a matter of concern to the European Community and the World Health Organization.

Keywords:  Radon; Cohort studies; Additional relative risk; Exposition; Lung cancer


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