Reconstruction of past plant associations in the Altai mountains based on the results of the study of fossil flora


G.Ya. Baryshnikov, O.N. Baryshnikova, A.I. Shmakov

The conditions of burial of vegetation in past geological epochs are considered and their species diversity in the Altai mountains is established. Authors assert that during the Quaternary period, the low-mountainous areas of the Altai Mountains with their specific physiographic feature were the area in which plants migrated from the highlands to the foothills during the climate cooling, or the promotion of thermophilic forms to the mountains during warming. At the same time, the number of relics from the beginning of the Quaternary period to the present has been reduced by species diversity.

Keywords: Absolute age of sediments; Altai; paleocarpology; Quaternary sediments; relict plants; spore-pollen analysis; transition zone

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