Redox processes in extracting iodine from underground water


N.M. Korchyk, N.M. Budenkova, O.A. Prorok, O.I. Musina

Aim: Researching iodide oxidation by hydrogen peroxide in acidic medium with extracting iodine from drilling waters for compiling technological schedule.
Methods: Redox processes in the technology of removing iodine from underground waters was determined by the method of potentiometric titration and chemical sedimentation in the periodic action reactor with the intensive mixing of reacting substances, here was determined the concentration of J- and J2+, the molar interrelationship of components, pH, redox potential (Eh), index rH2 of the system. The research was carried out on the basis of real waters of Pripyat depression with iodine content up to 100 mg/dm3.
Results: A series of theoretical and practical studies was carried out to the result of which the method was substantiated of removing iodine from underground waters using hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid on the basis of which a technological scheme was proposed.
Scientific novelty: Optimal physics-chemical parameters (pH, Eh, rH2) were suggested for each stage of the technological process of removing iodine from underground waters which decreases the cost price of final product.
Practical value: The results of the work permitted to substantially cut down expenditures of H2SO4, to provide for excluding side processes. The results of the work were introduced into research-industrial equipment for extracting iodine from underground brines of the boring hole 504 in Borisov deposit of hydromineral products. The mass part of iodine in the final product constitutes 99.4-99.6%.

Keywords: Iodine extraction; brines; hydrogen index; redox potential; potentiometric titration; redox properties of system

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