Removal of crude oil from aqueous solutions by natural adsorbents


S. Danehpash, P. Farshchi, E. Roayaei, J. Ghoddousi, A. Hesam Hassani

The pollution caused by the oil industries, refineries and tanker's uploading are one of the biggest challenges. since the recent accident with spreading oil spill on the surface of sea water, the need for environmentally friendly oil sorbents has intensified. The investigation deal with the sorption of crude oil by Nano perlite and Nano zeolite, as a mineral sorbent. Results showed at the maximum level of initial oil concentration, the sorption capacity of Nano perlite and Nano zeolite are 3.11 and 2.89 g/g respectively. It woud be worth mention that the sorption capacity of Nano perlite is higher than Nano zeolite. Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area and X-Ray diffraction analyses were performed to characterize the properties of Nano adsorbents.

Keywords: Oil pollution; oil sorbent; nano perlite; nano zeolite

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