Robinia Plants As An Indicator Of Animal Environmental Component Of Urban Ecosystem Services


O.M. Vasilyuk

The species diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (in experimental and control areas) in Dnipro, the large industrial city in the Steppe Dnieper region had been investigated. The scientific experiment was performed on the territory of a natural park “Druzhba” (control), artificial garden “Kirilivka” (experiment) and the industrial area of the Dnepropetrovsk Wagon Train Plant, WTP (experiment). The optimizing and protective effects of animal environmental component for the growth and development of wood crops (for example Robinia genus plant object which dominates in study area) by morphometric parameters of the leaf blade (length, width, area, and weight) as a part of the photosynthetic apparatus (in experimental and control objects) had been discovered. The mathematical models of a variation of these morphometric characteristics depending on environmental conditions have been constructed towards control. <

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