Role of European Green Deal as a transformation mechanism of the state policies for the European integration of Ukraine


Yu. O. Krykhtina, N.A. Leonenko, I.M. Khmyrov and S.V. Stankevych*

The authors note that the EU sets an intermediate goal: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-55% compared to the 1990 level. The European Green Deal (EGD) covers all sectors of the economy, particularly transport, energy, agriculture, construction, and industries such as steel, cement, information and communication technologies, textiles, and chemicals. The authors underlined the pandemic and response to COVID-19 in 2020 made adjustments only to the pace of implementation of the EGD. The authors clarify that the aim of the EU and, accordingly, Ukrainian transport policy is to promote more ecological vehicles. The European Green Course (EGC) covers several areas of sector reform of transport policy: changing mobility flows; shifting to cleaner modes of transport; increased requirements for standards in the transport sector; development of transport infrastructure; promotion of smart management in the transport sector digitalization.

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