Scale-dependent Effects In Structure Of The Wintering Ecological Niche Of The Mute Swan During Wintering In The Gulf Of Sivash


A. Yu. Andrushenko, A. V. Zhukov

The assessment of the information value of ecogeographical predictors based on remote sensing data from satellites to reflect features of the ecological niche of the Swan-mute Cygnus up (Gmelina, 1803) in wintering within the Gulf Sivash have been presented. Two groups predictors of ecogeographical landscape data have been considered. The first group is assigned digital elevation model and its derivatives. The second set of classified vegetation indices obtained from Landsat 8 image. Ecological niche has been described using ENFA-procedure. The procedure of random distribution of the pseudo-absent points which range from the presence points restricted by some distance has been applied to assess the role of scale in ecological niche. Ecological niche of Swan mute has been shown to be described in terms of landscape ecogeographical variables. The properties of the ecological niche of the Swan-mute have been found to be depends upon the scale of its consideration. Under various boundary ranges we can get an entirely different, but statistically valid, assess the structure of the ecological niche of the Swan-mute based landscape ecogeographical predictors. The role of the various ecogeographical predictors depending on the scale can vary greatly.


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