Seasonal Distribution Of Yellow-legged Gull (larus Cachinnans Pallas, 1811) Of Islansds Of Obitochnaya Bay (north-west Azov Sea Area)


Yu. Yu. Dubinina, О. І. Коshelev, V. О. Koshelev, L. V. Peresadko

We considered territorial connection of Yellow-legged gull in breeding colony on islands Obitochnaya Bay. Analysis of the basic stages of the annual life cycle of Larus cachinnans Pallas, 1811 with taking into account the seasonal characteristics of each age group of seagulls (young, immature, adult). Based on this data set direction and distance of displacement, among whom were identified intra-continental migrations, domestic migrations within the territory of Ukraine and migrations within the nesting area. Settlement species on islands Obitochnaya Bay characterized by: high degree conservatism of adult Yellow-legged gull a wide range in season after nesting migrations and variance of young birds, the exchange of individuals between neighbouring settlements and the establishment of new colonies at the expense of immature individuals.


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