Securement of the optimal microclimate parameters in accomodations of the educational institutions for children by implementation of the system of local air recuperation


P.H. Plieshkov, K.H. Petrova, I.V. Savelenko, O.I. Sirikov, N.Yu. Harasova

A system of automated control for local air recuperation was synthesized for the securement of the optimal microclimate parameters in the accommodations of the educational institutions for children. A computer imitational modelling of the system of automated control for local indoor air recuperation by parameters of temperature and ???2 concentration. The advantages of the proposed system have been proved, which allowed reducing the duration of the zone with exceeding the maximum permissible level of CO2 concentration by 49.5% and reducing the value of CO2 concentration by 13.1%, provided that the temperature is kept within the maximum permissible limits.

Key words: System of local air recuperation; indoor microclimate; system of automated control; air temperature; air quality



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