Selection Of Growth Stimulators Among The Pyridine Substitutes Of Mercapto Acids


Yu. Yu. Petrusha, L. A. Omelyanchik

We tracked the grow-stimulating activity of new synthesized pyridinesubstitutes of L-cysteine and others mercaptoacids. We also studied the influence of the synthesized connections on cells growth and fission of Cucumis sp. sprouts (cultivar "Competitor"). The obtained results confirm the perspective selection of new effective and ecologically safe grow-stimulators of agricultural culture from these chemical substances. We suggested that dihydrochloride S-(pyridine-4-il)-L-cysteine could be considered as grow-stimulated substance which has weak toxic activity and intensive grow-stimulating activity. This product is capable to increase the length of the main root and quantity of lateral roots of sprouts of gourd family that promotes more faster development of gypocotile and leaves and increases the productivity and viability of the plants.

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