Social Moods As Ecological Risk Perception In Residential Area Around Nuclear Power Plants (regional Analysis)


S. G. Maksimova, M. M. Akulich, V. V. Pit, O. E. Noyanzina, D. A. Omelchenko

The use of nuclear technology increases the ecological risk for the society and people’s moods, inevitably. The article presents results of monitoring, realized in 2013–2015 in nine subjects of the Russian Federation – territories of disposition of the Concern RosEnergoAtom branches – the Voronezhskaya oblast, the Kurskaya oblast, the Leningrad oblast, the Saratovskaya oblast, the Sverdlovskaya oblast, the Murmanskaya oblast, the Rostovskaya oblast, the Tverskaya oblast, and the Smolenskaya oblast. Authors considered social moods of population in regions of location of nuclear power plants, people’s trust to the nuclear industry, opinions about its reliability and safety, and perspectives for the further development. The article contains the results of comparative analysis of integral indexes, characterizing social admissibility of nuclear industry and evaluation of social role of the nuclear power plants in regional economic development. We suggested, that indexes of general and ecological security of the nuclear power plant, revealing the estimations of reliability, stability, general and ecological security, implication of new technologies of protection, implementation of new technologies of environment protection, realized by administrative bodies of the nuclear power plants could could vary in different regions. We proved, that the social admissibility of the risk in regions of nuclear power plants location is a necessary condition for the development of the nuclear industry, elimination of social tension, and formation of positive social moods in regions and cities of location of nuclear power plants.


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