Sozological Analysis Of The Butterflies (lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) Of Upper Bogs In Belarus


A.V. Kulak, R.V. Yakovlev

The sozological index for boggy species of Papilionoidea group of Lepidoptera inhabiting the territory of Belorussia has been calculated. It is established that 7 species deserve a special attention. The condition of Boloria freija (Becklin, 1791) and B. frigga (Becklin, 1791) populations, having the 1st category of protection, is assessed as critical; these species are classified as rapidly dying out. The condtion of Coenonympha oedippus (Fabricius, 1787) corresponds to the 3rd category of protection, Oeneis jutta (Hübner, 1806) – to the 4th category of protection. Colias palaeno (Linnaeus, 1761) is recommended to be put on the list of preventive protection, and Boloria aquilonaris (Stichel, 1908) to be included into the Red Book on the 3rd category of protection. Coenonympha tullia (Müller, 1764) is considered to be a taxon of preventive protection. The transformation of the environment in the marshes as a result of their desiccation also causes concern, as well as the penetration of some species non-typical for these ecosystems to the upper bogs. It can cause an additional threat to these “conservative” ecosystems due to the possible competition from the invaders, penetration of additional parasites and infectious invasions.


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