Sozological Characteristic Of Vegetation Of Forests And Shrubs Of The Northern Black Sea Region


I. V. Solomakha

As a result of sociological analysis found that in the vegetation cover of forests and shrubs in the Northern Black Sea found 88 view of rare and endangered plants. For 37 species, there are phytocoenotic table, the data on the other - are induced for that literary materials herbarium. They have a different distribution in the classes of the vegetation on the study territory: Pulsatillo-Pinetea sylvestris (13 species), Dactilydo glomeratae-Populetea tremulae (13), Festuco-Brometea (9), Rhamno-Prunetea (8), Nerio-Tamaricetea (7), Salicetea purpureae (5), Robinietea (3), Alnetea glutinosae (3), Franguletea (3). Some rare and endangered communities of the territory need to be included in the «Green Book of Ukraine».


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