Spatial Variability Of Soils Electrical Conductivity Within Arena Of The River Dnepr Valley (territory Of The Natural Reserve "dniprovsko-orilsky")


O. V. Zhukov, O. M. Kunakh, V. O. Taran, M. M. Lebedinska

Within experimental range on arena of the river Dnepr in natural reserve "Dneprovsko-Orelsky" in 241 points electric conductivity of soil has been measured by two ways: in a condition of natural humidity and in a condition of a full moisture capacity. It is established that on the average electrical conductivity makes 0.068±0.002 and 0.267±0.014 dSm/m accordingly. As a result of the carried out research by us the established procedure which allows to transform point objects which contain the information on electric conductivity of soil in continual (raster) layer on the basis of established regression dependences of an investigated indicator from predictors which are received on the basis of data of remote sensing of a surface of the Earth. Canonical axes received as a result of the mixed correspondence analysis have been used as regression predictors. Continual data (digital elevation model and its derivative, vegetative and other Landsat indexes, relief and vegetative cover diversity indexes) and discrete data (results of Earth surface classification on elementary relief units and types of a vegetative cover) have been calculated by mixed correspondence analysis. The important result is dependence of electric conductivity of soil on indicators of a relief and a vegetative cover diversity.


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