Species Composition And Places Of Development Of Blood-sucking Midges (diptera: Ceratopogonidae) In The Subzone Of The Southern Taiga Of The Tyumen Region


O.A. Fiodorova, T.A. Khlyzova, T.E. Savchuk

Materials are presented on the study of the development of preimaginal phases and the place of brood of blood-sucking slugs in the subzone of the southern taiga of the Tyumen region. Currently, it is relevant to study the fauna of the slimy, as they are carriers of a number of infectious and invasive diseases of animals and humans. The purpose of our studies is to study the breeding sites of blood-sucking slopes of the subzone of the southern taiga of the Tyumen region and factors affecting their abundance. We conducted a series of counts in three different types of saplings: the lowering of the microrelief in the boggy meadow, the creek of the stream and the reservoir of artificial origin, overgrown with sedge to reveal the number of larvae in the soil. The places of development of the preimaginal phases of the slimy are found in 6 types: lakes, rivers, streams, unstable water bodies, marshes and marshy meadows. As a result of the studies, 10 species of slugs adapted to different biotopes were identified. The level of preimaginal phases of mackerel is determined by the meteorological conditions that developed during the summer seasons.


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