Species diversity indices in poultry farms insect communities


P. Nykytiuk, V. Moroz, O. Komorna, Yu. Nykytiuk, A . Raschenko

Chicken farms need to improve existing and introduce new technologies for the construction of appropriate wastewater treatment plants and processing of solid manure, which will ensure proper treatment of waste before it enters the environment. The results of determining the ecological indices of the sanitary protection zone of poultry farms indicate their negative impact on the biological diversity and richness of insect groups. In particular, the value of the Margalef species richness index is 25% less in the special protected zones in farms, compared to the control area, and the value of Shannon's species diversity by 12%. Further reduction of species diversity may lead to rapid degradation of ecosystems adjacent to the area of poultry farms. The assessment of taxonomic diversity, complexity of insect groups and their competitive structure in the area of poultry production proved the inverse relationship between the percentage of eudominants and sub-precedents, as well as the predominance of the percentage of precedents over the percentage of dominant.

Keywords: Technology of environmental protection; Animal complexes; Bioindication; Protection of atmospheric air; Entomological communities; Indices of species diversity


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