Monarkh Veronika Valentynivna* and Pantsyreva Hanna Vitaliivna

The current condition of the former pesticide storages has been investigated and characterized. All pesticide storages of Kryzhopil region are in extremely poor condition and they contain substantial amounts of unknown mixtures of unusable pesticides, which are stored in bulk in 100% of pesticide storages being a powerful source of environmental pollution by toxicants of various chemical composition. Pesticide residues in different environment (soil, water, plant) have been determined. The research results clearly prove availability of severe local sources of contamination of agricultural lands with organochlorine pesticides. There is a risk of contamination of other environmental objects with hazardous substances and a negative impact of toxic substances on human health. Migration of pesticides from the soil into agricultural products and drinking water has been identified. It has been suggested that poor environmental conditions and consumption of pesticide-contaminated agricultural products and drinking water lead to an increase in the number of human diseases. It has been found that the population of the district has much higher morbidity rates compared to the indicators of the oblast. Step-by-step environmental risk assessment has been carried out.

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